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Let that number sink in. +9. That's a single digit over par.   

It was a round that could have been even lower but for some costly putting mistakes.  

Despite the incredible score, the matches were tight.   

Icaro put pressure on Jon the entire day, leading a few holes on the front 9 and keeping it close when he wasn't. He even lead as late as the 14th. Jon finished strong with 3 pars and a bogey on the final 4 holes to take the match 2&1.  

Against Jeff, Jon lead the whole way, but after his slow start, Jeff kept in the match. A strong run from 11 to 16 helped close the gap, but he ran out of holes and Jon took the match 4&2.  

Icaro v Jeff was a close match as well. Icaro started strong and forced Jeff to go on the attack. It was a pretty good duel most of the rest of the way, until they both finished hella weak and Icaro backed into a 2&1 victory.  

Forget that, though. Go look at Jon's round again and marvel in it's glory. Don't dream that one day you too could do it, because it will just make you sad when you realize you can't. Just be happy in knowing that you can tell your grandkids about it.  


Jon jumped up to 2nd with the pair of victories, pushing Icaro down to the 3rd. Jeff's strategy of winning the title via the Grand Slam might be the only way to go. It's still early days in the 2016, so anything can happen.  


Jon : 17.3 -> 14.6
Jeff : 19.6 -> 19.8
Icaro : 19.4 -> 18.6