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It was the best of rounds, it was the worst of rounds.

Jon and Icaro squared off in a head-to-head round at Empereur. Icaro was there early to warm-up and get ready, while Jon showed up just before tee time because he had shit to do.

Good times were had on the front nine for both competitors, although Icaro would enjoy it much more. A solid opening half saw a birdie from Icaro and quite a few pars from both golfers. Icaro's solid play allowed him to take advantage of his stroke holes, using the extra strokes to win 2 holes and push a third, giving him a 4 UP lead heading into the back 9.

And what a back 9 it was. Chaos, despair, lost shots, and that was just from Jon on the 10th. 

After winning the 10th hole, Icaro stood at 5UP. The wheels fell off the bus at that point, but Jon couldn't recover. Icaro took advantage of his two strokes on the back side to win and push, taking the victory 5&4.


No positions changed. Jon's average dipped to 2.600 while Icaro's rose to 1.800.


Icaro held firm at 18.6 while Jon rose slightly to 15.0